Feng Shui is Chinese science according to its source, which allows coexistence between man and nature on the energy level. Concern for the health of our planet, nature and its cycles has encouraged modern man to learn about this ancient science that is based on the principles of cooperation between man and the environment that surrounds us.

The word "feng" means literally "wind" and the word "shui" means "water", as this is the cosmic breath of energy that flows through everything that exists for the Chinese, and they called it "chi," although some people know this concept as prana. Feng Shui teaches us how to harmonize and balance the "chi" so that we can create balance and harmony in our living space.

In Feng Shui, mountains are symbolic “dragons protectors", mountain streams are veins flowing with chi, or "dragon's breath". An ideal place for living has a horseshoe shape: a mountain is in the background - like a back of a turtle, in the west it is usually protected by a hill (called white tiger), in the east of this allotment there is a slightly higher hill (we call it blue dragon), and in the front there are flat hillsides or low hills.... this would be the right place for a phoenix flight. In the centre there is a coiled snake, protected by other four animals, but the snake is vigilant and can channel all happenings around it. Water is alive and a symbol of wealth and, therefore, life near rivers, lakes or the sea is healthy, inspiring, the source of prana or life energy.

Methods of construction are also relevant as well as location. Natural materials such as wood, stone, brick, reeds, soil, etc... bring positive chi into our living space. Of course, one of the main features of new Feng Shui homes is sunlight, accompanied by green environment and shielded from the noisy and polluted streets.

Many of our modern homes are unfortunately tightly sealed concrete units and therefore have become sick. Plastic barriers, asbestos, cement floors, foam insulation, impervious layers of synthetic paints and adhesives wrap a house so tightly that it cannot breathe. We are living our lives day after day in plastic, potentially dangerous and undoubtedly stressful environments, which are alienated from nature.
Poor architectural design, awkward placement of buildings in space and obstacles to the flow of energy in buildings can tip the balance between man and space that surrounds us and with it the balance within man.

Our environment has an effect on us and we have an effect on our environment. Space around us is alive and is connecting with each snippet of our lives. It is not irrelevant in what kind of place we live, work, create, and love. Feng Shui is the knowledge that helps us restore balance in the place where we live and at the same time adjust it to us, such as we are, unique and special, at the same time taking into account all natural laws. This is also Feng Shui project “The Inspiration Residence” to us at the Phuket.